How we grow

Southern Fresh Farms uses one of the best hydroponic systems around, a vertical growing system developed by Verti-Gro. To learn more about these systems, please visit

 about us

 A family tradition

The McMahon's are farmer's to their core- four generations to be exact. From the fields of Nebraska, it was Robert McMahon, Sr. who planted his Nebraska farming roots in Southwest Florida after meeting his wife here in 1947. Growing Mums and Gladiolus, McMahon, Sr. and wife, Lillian, planted their own family roots and the couple began their family farm. Robert McMahon, Jr. started his farming career as soon as his feet could reach the pedals on the tractor. It was in 1977 that he began farming full time, and together, with McMahon, Sr., grew a wide range of produce. In 1988, McMahon Farm's began growing red potatoes exclusively. Just like decades before, the family tradition continued with McMahon, Jr.'s son, Robert "Bo" McMahon, III, helping on the farm. McMahon Potato Farm's had over 400 acres of farm land, and their location is not by chance. Most of the farm land now hosts some of Fort Myers' most presitgous real estate developments, including Eagle Ridge and Paseo. The city soon surrounded the once vacant area, and the McMahon's found themselves in one of the most sought after, and fastest growing areas in Lee County. Robert McMahon, Sr. passed away in 1994, and Robert McMahon, Jr. along with his wife, Shelly, and family continued farming.

In 2000, the McMahon's transitioned out of farming and into environmental land restoration. Robert "Bo" McMahon, III joined his dad full time. They began working with both private and state agencies to restore some of Southwest Florida's most coveted nature preserves, including the Everglades. The McMahon's farming expertise, and natural ability to understand the land, proved to be a great asset to help restore the natural habitats.

In 2012, Robert McMahon, Jr. and son, Bo McMahon, decided to start researching hydroponic and fish farming after hearing of this relatively new, innovative agricultural trend. After countless hours of research, the love of farming was rekindled, and so Southern Fresh Farm's was born. Hydroponic farming is a proven method of utilizing smaller land space, with a higher crop yield. It is their hopes that Southern Fresh Farm's will prosper for many years, and bless their community and neighbors, through good, healthy food.